"Tom, your to assessment of our community has already shown us invaluable results. Your ability to creatively engage our key constituents in honest, yet optimistic, conversations definitely allowed us to get to the root of Greek Life at Florida Atlantic University

One of best decisions I've made as a professional is working with your organization and I look forward to future opportunities for t.jelke solutions to assist the FAU Greek community in reaching high levels of success. Your work has already far exceeded my expectations."

Ryan O'Rourke
Greek Life Coordinator
Florida Atlantic University

“The students responded so well to the presentations and sessions, the students want to ask them back to campus to help them analyze other critical Greek Community issues. I will do my best to make that happen.” 

Michelle Castro
Assistant Dean of Students University of Miami

"The consultation visit from t.jelke solutions was exactly what we needed to jumpstart our change movement.  Dr. Jelke was quickly able to get our students to be forthcoming and honest.  His assessment was extremely thorough, and his observations and recommendations were comprehensive and insightful.  He helped us achieve buy-in from students, and educate the community regarding the recommendations for positive change.  Our Greek community is now on the path from good to great."

Victor Felts
Asst. Dean for Campus Life
Emory University


Greek Life is one of our biggest areas of expertise, and is how our business got started.  Our staff has over 70 years of combined working experience with fraternities and sororities in various capacities: member, volunteer, staff member, national board member, researcher, and executive.  We can conduct a thorough assessment of your fraternity/sorority culture and provide tangible suggestions how to help the fraternity/sorority community become higher performing.  For an entire year after the assessment, and at NO ADDITIONAL COST, we will be available to you for assistance and advice on how to implement our suggestions. We can also create and implement a leadership, goal-setting, or strategic planning/visioning retreat; develop and facilitate values-based educational programming; and provide training for your student leaders or staff members.

Our staff has combined for over 70 years of studying and working with fraternities and sororities in various capacities: Greek Advisors, Traveling Consultants, Chapter Advisors, Headquarters Staff Members, and Alumni Volunteers. We are also professional program planners, facilitators, fundraisers, trainers,  professors, quantitative and qualitative researchers, managers, and educational speakers.

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